S and it is incredible; I have no complaints at all. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. Anything you do should be to correct something that is wrong ie. I loaded one of your profiles into the nVidia panel and it went way washed out… When I checked the actual monitor settings itself they are set at your RGB values. If you are looking for a simple, unobtrusive monitor with outstanding performance, I would encourage you to look no further. Including how to change colors. I imagine a lot of people wouldn’t have a problem with it, but coming from a great monitor like the T, I had high expectations.

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Review: Samsung BW LCD, “C” Panel |

For monitors in this price range, it’s not a bad deal, but if viewing angle issues bother you, look elsewhere. Show More Show Less. Ok I did the exchange and got another S this time no pixels, had them check it in the store. Andrew, you are a legend. Anything you do should be to correct something that is wrong ie.

Thanks Retu for the comment. If you haven’t read up on these issues then you should read these articles by BeHardware that explain a lot about the situation. Click Add and select the ICC profile you want for the monitor, and set it to default. The only issue I get with the viewing angle is at the very very top and bottom things are 226hw slightly different shade.


Please note that this monitor does not have internal speakers.

Samsung SyncMaster BW 22″ Widescreen LCD Computer BW

If you prefer, the entire unit can be mounted on a wall. There should be more to come on my site, as time allows and as I get new stuff to play with. This should f off easily and has no screws. What way should I be doing this?

Also could you add a bit about MagicColor, Contrast, sharpness and any other relevant settings. I needed it for office work. If I had to use it the way it came out of the box, I would have sent it back or sold it on eBay in a heartbeat; the color 226hw that bad.

Oh ic, another que how to go about checking the bleeding of my monitor? Again, due to people using different video cards and even differences between monitors, you may not see quite the improvement that you would if you used a calibrator on your own setup.

Samsung 226BW LCD Monitor

I truly enjoy the screen more after color correction! With my Nvidia card i can set a specific color profile to be used for a specific game.


Looks weird — anyone experienced that? This goes for the RGB settings too, of course. Bottema — Thanks for the note.

I assume you know basic stuff like how to make a shortcut and put it in the Startup folder. After reading this article, I am confused again: MagicBright 3 Samsung’s MagicBright 3 technology automatically adjusts monitor settings based on what you are viewing. Thank You For Your efforts!! There also seems to be no clean way to exit this service screen.

So again, thank you for your help! My screen is calibrated and I still have color issueswhen not looking dead on.

I think playing at different resolutions generally differs game to game. Color is very good, but the vertical viewing angle is definitely an issue. So, doing 2226bw RGB adjustments is almost meaningless. I don’t have another monitor to compare it to, but I personally think it’s mild. And you can always show your appreciationcheers!